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Joey Askew, Denver Retail

My name is Joey, and I am fired up to be a public supporter and TU activist.

I joined TU, because I want T-Mobile workers to have a voice. I want to fight for a better and fairer T-Mobile that works for all of us.

Working in retail is tough. Our shifts change all the time and most of our income is commission based, which is something I can only control to a certain extent. Sometimes customers just need help and don’t necessarily want to buy anything or sometimes, when the weather is really bad, customer traffic is really low. All that means, low or no commisions for us.

I like working with customers and I like working with a fun team, but I think T-Mobile would be better and fairer, if we had more input.  In order to gain that input, I personally believe frontline staff need a more autonomous identity. T-Mobile Workers United is the vehicle through which we can build an independent voice.

What Our Members Are Saying...

  • I am a german worker at Telekom! Solidarity to my brothers and sisters!!
    Michael Ikswolsok

  • T-Mobile / metropcs revolution we stand

  • It's so good to see you all stand together to right a wrong. I'm with...
    Diana Honeycutt

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