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The Fight For $15 matters to T-Mobile workers. Here’s why.

Our amazing Call Center Chief Steward, Rebecca Disbrow, recently had an opportunity to attend the first ever national Fight for $15 convention in Richmond together with fellow CWA members from the airline company American Eagle/Envoy, along with several thousands of low-wage workers. 

On Saturday, Rebecca was part of a section in which workers from various industries were talking about why they are fighting for $15 and a union: nursing assistants, teachers, cafeteria workers, manufacturing workers, home care assistants – and T-Mobile workers. Watch her speech here! 

Fast food workers led the way and started this movement – but the Fight for $15 And A Union is even bigger now.

There are way too many T-Mobile workers who make under $15 an hour – at a company that is continuously reporting record profits and where the CEO makes $25 million dollar a year – more than 500 times what an average T-Mobile worker makes. That’s why we not only support the Fight for $15 movement – we are part of the movement.

$15 and a union – let’s do this!

What Our Members Are Saying...

  • I am a german worker at Telekom! Solidarity to my brothers and sisters!!
    Michael Ikswolsok

  • T-Mobile / metropcs revolution we stand

  • It's so good to see you all stand together to right a wrong. I'm with...
    Diana Honeycutt

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