NLRB Upholds T-Mobile Workers’ Right to Talk About Union at Work

In a positive ruling for T-Mobile employees and workers everywhere, the National Labor Relations Board has said that T-Mobile workers have the right to talk with coworkers about their rights on the job during work hours.

In 2015, an HR manager at the Menaul call center in Albuquerque, New Mexico, told former T-Mobile Senior Rep and TU member Luis Castañeda that he could not talk about his union while on the clock. Luis knew this was wrong and accused the company of an unfair labor practice. We won the case in December 2015, but the story didn’t end there.

T-Mobile appealed the decision, so we took the facts to the NLRB, the highest labor court in the land, and the decision was final:

T-Mobile violated federal law with an illegal rule that prohibited employees from talking about our union while at work.

From now on notices will be posted at the Menaul call center and sent to every employee there, so the message is loud and clear. The notices will say, in part:

FEDERAL LAW GIVES YOU THE RIGHT to form, join, or assist a union.

WE [T-Mobile] will not promulgate and maintain a rule prohibiting
senior representatives from talking to other employees about the
Communications Workers of America, Local 7011, AFL–CIO, or any other labor organization while working.

I’m so proud that I stood up for the right to free speech at work. More than anything, this decision shows that when we stand together and resist management’s attempts to stop us from organizing for our future, we can make really positive changes for all T-Mobile workers.
– TU Member Luis Castañeda

What Our Members Are Saying...

  • I am a german worker at Telekom! Solidarity to my brothers and sisters!!
    Michael Ikswolsok

  • T-Mobile / metropcs revolution we stand

  • It's so good to see you all stand together to right a wrong. I'm with...
    Diana Honeycutt

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