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“Where’s the Love?”: T-Mobile Workers Want to Know As They Rally to Reform High-Pressure Sales Culture

“Where’s the Love?” T-Mobile Workers Want to Know As They Rally to Reform High-Pressure Sales Culture

Workers delivered a surprise Valentine to T-Mobile CEO John Legere in the form of a petition signed by 9,000 consumers and workers calling for an end to sales practices that promote fraud.

NEW YORK CITY—Dozens of T-Mobile workers, consumers, and union members rallied outside of T-Mobile CEO John Legere’s home at 91 Central Park West at 9:30 a.m. today to deliver a heartfelt Valentine—a petition signed by nearly 9,000 consumers and T-Mobile US workers calling on the company to change its high-pressure sales culture.

 Justin Smith, a messaging specialist at T-Mobile’s Wichita call center, came all the way from Kansas to take part in the action, explaining, “We just can’t provide the service customers deserve under the current conditions. Managers don’t listen when we want to discuss the deceitful and restrictive sales promotions we disagree with.”

The Washington Post recently reported that the company’s unrealistic sales goals can create an environment in which customers are misled or have services added to their account without their knowledge. BGR also covered the disturbing issue of “bill cramming” along with employee and consumer complaints about high sales quotas. Today’s action asked Legere, “Where is the Love?” for its workers and customers.

Erick Baca, a T-Mobile retail sales associate from Houston, Texas, says he came to the rally to fight for a union and respect for himself, his fellow employees, and the people he speaks to every day in his store. “I’m fighting for fair metrics and better hours for workers so we can help the customers like we should. I like solving people’s problems, but when we’re expected to sell more and bundle products so customers get charged more, that doesn’t work—they get things they don’t need. We know better customer service means better sales, so the corporate culture needs to change, and that’s why we’re here.”

The presentation of the petition coincides with T-Mobile’s fourth quarter earnings call, in which the company is expected to announce positive earnings and an increase in the number of subscribers. How much of that growth is a result of the same kinds of fraudulent practices that led to the recent Wells Fargo scandal is an open question.

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  • I am a german worker at Telekom! Solidarity to my brothers and sisters!!
    Michael Ikswolsok

  • T-Mobile / metropcs revolution we stand

  • It's so good to see you all stand together to right a wrong. I'm with...
    Diana Honeycutt

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