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About Us

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Who we are

T-Mobile Workers United (TU) is an organization of T-Mobile and MetroPCS employees joining together for a voice and fair treatment at T-Mobile US / MetroPCS. We are hundreds of call center reps, retail associates and technicians and we come together as TU to support each other, discuss the issues and challenges we face, and work towards positive change at T-Mobile USA and MetroPCS.

We are a chartered organizing local with the Communications Workers of America, CWA, TU Local 6457. We democratically elect our own Chief Stewards who represent our interest at the workplace.

More questions? Check out our FAQs.

Our Vision

We want our company to succeed, and we believe that justice and respect in the workplace are essential for that success. We envision a company where workers are given a voice in the issues that matter to them, workers are treated with respect, and jobs stay in the United States.

We aim to achieve this vision by joining together in solidarity with our fellow workers to make ourselves heard.

Our Accomplishments

As TU, we have been making a lot of positive changes at the company. From getting the company to introduce paid parental leave to securing workers' rights to speak out, we have achieved a lot. See the full list here.

Our Supporters

TU is supported by workers at T-Mobile's parent company Deutsche Telekom in Germany, and a coalition of community and labor groups around the world, including the union representing Deutsche Telekom workers in Germany - ver.di. With 2,4 million members, ver.di is one of the largest unions in the world. To build solidarity and learn about the differences between German and American workplaces, we have created a workplace partnership program between ver.di represented workers in Germany and T-Mobile workers in the United States. Check our our 2016 Partnership Calendar here.

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