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TU Workplace Partnerships

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To bring together T-Mobile workers in Germany (Deutsche Telekom) and the United States, we have created a workplace partnership program that connects German and American workplaces. These partnerships build solidarity and allow us to join together to make positive change in the workplace and respond to bad behavior by management. The German workers have our back. They’ve held numerous rallies against unfair treatment of American T-Mobile workers and shown that they want us to be treated with the respect and dignity at work that we deserve.

So far, we have 9 partnerships between German and American call center representatives, retail associates and technicians - and we are constantly adding new partnerships, especially in retail:

  1. Düsseldorf & Nashville, TN (Call center)
  2. Berlin & Charleston, SC (Call center)
  3. Dortmund & Wichita, KS (Call center)
  4. Bavaria & Albuquerque, NM (Call center)
  5. North Rhine-Westphalia & East coast (Retail)
  6. North Rhine-Westphalia  & Texas (Retail)
  7. Brühl & Springfield, MO (Call center)
  8. Telekom Retail South & Denver (retail)
  9. Telekom Retail East & Albuquerque (retail)






Workers who are part of the partnership have regular conference calls and visit each other at least once a year. The partnership visits have been fun, interesting and eye opening for all participants. It is amazing and sometimes shocking to see how working for the same company can be so different.



If you are interested in finding out more about our partnership program, getting involved in one at your workplace and or even starting a new one – let us know!