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What is TU?

T-Mobile Workers United (TU) is an organization of T-Mobile and MetroPCS employees joining together for a voice and fair treatment at work. We are hundreds of call center reps, retail associates and technicians who have come together as TU to support each other, discuss the issues and challenges we face, and work towards positive change at T-Mobile US and MetroPCS.

TU is an organizing local of Communications Workers of America (CWA) in partnership with workers at T-Mobile's parent company, Deutsche-Telekom, who are members of the German union ver.di.

If you want to learn more, send a message here or call our confidential hotline: 347-979-2929.

Why should I join TU?

We want our company to succeed, and we believe that justice and respect in the workplace are essential for that success. We envision a company where employees are given a voice and are treated with respect, and our jobs stay in the United States.

We aim to achieve this vision by joining together in solidarity to make ourselves heard.

By joining together, we've already achieved a lot: We defended our right to speak out about workplace issues; we got the company to implement meaningful scheduling changes, such as paid parent leave, reducing Today Codes among other things; and we forced the company to change its illegal policy on gag orders. Read more about we have accomplished.

How can I join TU?

You can sign up at or you can contact us for membership. TU is open to any  T-Mobile or MetroPCS employee. There are no dues until we have a contract, but members are committed to help making T-Mobile/MetroPCS a better place for all of us.

What does it mean to be a TU member?

Being a TU member means to be committed to making a positive change at work, to stand in solidarity with your fellow TU members and to actively support the work we do.

We are a democratic organization and we hold our own elections to elect our own representatives. Every member can run for office!

We have regular meetings on the local, national and international level. We communicate on a regular basis through email and social media, and we do public actions or rallies if we see the need to speak up.

Is TU a union?

Yes, TU is a local with the Communications Workers of America, Local 6457.

TU members believe that T-Mobile employees deserve fair pay, respect and a voice on the job, and that if workers join together in a union, they can make positive change at T-Mobile. Click here to learn more about the campaign to gain a voice at T-Mobile.

Who decides what happens in the union?

We do! TU members are the union. We democratically vote who our representatives should be.

Do I have to pay dues to be a TU member?

TU members can contribute voluntary dues. Dues are only charged when a contract is signed.

Can I be disciplined or fired for joining TU?

No. Every T-Mobile/MetroPCS worker has the legal right to engage in concerted activity – that means you have the right to take action together with your co-workers to improve things at work. It is against the law for T-Mobile/MetroPCS to fire or retaliate against employees for joining TU.

Are there other TU members in my workplace?

Chances are, yes there are. We have members in almost every call center and in many retail stores across the country. We can connect you to a fellow TU member, if you are interested. You can also stay connected with your fellow TU members through email and Facebook. Just let us know!

I’m not planning to stay at T-Mobile forever. Why should I join?

Few of us choose to make T-Mobile/MetroPCS a career, but then many of us end up working here for several years. Whether we stay for a short time or more than 10 years, we all benefit from safe and fair working conditions and respect at the workplace.

I love my job at T-Mobile. Why should I join?

Many of us like some or many parts of our work—interacting with customers and giving great service or the relationships with have with our co-workers, for example. But we all know that certain things at T-Mobile/MetroPCS could be better and that many workers are not treated with the respect they deserve.

TU is working to create a future where we succeed in our careers, our company succeeds in business, and our customers receive great service and value. If you share these values we invite you to become a member today!

If you have other questions, please let us know!

Please also check out this page for more common myths about unions.