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2 Steps for Safety

We have received dozens of reports of wireless workers taking action to protect themselves at work. Workers have demanded gloves and won. Workers have insisted that a sick manager leave the store, and won. Workers have demanded bargaining with their employer over health and safety concerns. More and more wireless workers are joining together to fight back and stay safe.

Like these workers there are two steps you can take to protect yourself, your co-workers and ultimately your whole community:

  1. Know Your Rights at Work during Covid19 - CWA has prepared this extensive tool-kit which we hope you find useful. Lots of information here on how to keep safe at work, best practices for working in call centers, retail stores, and more.

  2. Sign This Union Card and Get a Voice @ Work! - Like the examples we’ve shared, working together with your co-workers is the best way to make change. If you would like to organize a union at your workplace sign this union card today.

We hope you and your coworkers are safe during this national emergency.

We will get through this, together.