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Chairman’s approval is premature

The FCC chairman recently recommended approval of the T-Mobile/Sprint merger. But this isn’t the end of it by any stretch. This approval has zero job guarantees, and it comes in the middle of the ongoing attorneys general lawsuit.

The chairman’s approval is premature, especially considering that Oregon and Texas just joined the 14 other states that are part of the attorneys general lawsuit. This lawsuit goes to trial on Dec 9, 2019.

We continue to oppose this merger. It will likely eliminate 30,000 jobs, reduce wireless competition, and raise rates for customers.

It’s not too late for us to make our voices heard. Join us in supporting the attorneys general who are fighting for jobs and protecting consumers by opposing T-Mobile and Sprint’s anti-competitive megamerger.

Mike Godshall, a T-Mobile Workers United member and a T-Mobile TEX rep in Wichita, Kansas, summarized the issue this way:

"Both consumers and employees have a lot to lose with the approval of this merger. While operating behind closed doors may be par for the course for this current administration, it's bad for the American people. We deserve our day in court, we deserve the transparency both T-Mobile and this administration promised. Instead we have lifelong executives who are only interested in serving their shareholders, not the American people."

If you haven’t already, please sign our petition supporting the attorneys general lawsuit.