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T-Mobile MUST Protect Employees from Coronavirus NOW.

T-Mobile Workers Demand:

  • Quota Relief and Paid Sick Days without Penalty During Coronavirus Crisis

  • Safe Workplace, with necessary disinfectants, wipes and gloves.

The emergence of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is creating an atmosphere of confusion and alarm. While the full extent of the outbreak is still unfolding, and there are many unknowns, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) has made it clear that all businesses should take steps to protect workers and the public.  

T-Mobile must take this issue seriously. They must take steps to quickly protect both workers and customers. The very nature of a retail environment puts us at increased risk as we work face-to-face with customers and handle phones that can be dirty and contaminated with viruses, like coronavirus, bacteria and fungi on the surface.

Sign our petition demanding T-Mobile take steps to address COVID-19.

We are speaking with workers around the country about these concerns and are calling on T-Mobile to immediately implement these 5 very reasonable steps at all locations:

  • Fully stock EPA-registered disinfectant wipes for customers and employees to wipe down phones and touch screens

  • Provide powder-free nitrile gloves in different sizes for employees handling phones or other possibly contaminated devices

  • Install ‘hands-free’ hand sanitizer stations for customer and worker use

  • Grant all employees - including those under voluntary or involuntary quarantine, or with signs of Covid-19 or influenza - full access to paid sick leave and waive penalties associated with their use, including quota relief.

  • Grant Mobile Experts and Mobile Associates quota relief throughout the duration of the virus due to decline in available inventory, store closings, or change in the number of door-swings.

This is not the time for panic, but it is a time for action. There won’t be a second chance to stop this outbreak and everyone must do their part.

Sign the petition NOW and tell T-Mobile to do what must be done!